We have many years experience in rewinding. Unlike a lot of companies we rewind Armatures as well as motors.

We rewind components ranging from small wiper motor armatures, alternator stators and rotors from cars and motorbikes both modern and vintage to larger fork lift drive and hydraulic motors.

We have a large stock of commutators for all sorts of applications and have one offs made to order. We use specialist Resistance brazing equipment to connect commutators as well as high temperature solder depending on the application.

We can save you time and money!

We don’t just rewind in round wire. We wind with strip wire and multi stranded flex wire. We use high temperature insulations such as Nomex and Glass and only use “200” degree wire coatings

The ability to rewind parts means we can save you time and money when new units are not available. Just because its not available, out of stock or obsolete somewhere else, doesn’t mean that we can’t give you a fast turnaround and rewind it.
Give us a ring, whatever your requirements are for windings we can help.
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We rewind all types of armatures